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Yesterday and today. Two things have had an impact. Doris Day passed away aged 97. Little Harry Shaw aged 5 is dying from a rare form of cancer. One long life, one far too short life; both, it appears, inevitably so.

Doris Day popularised “Que sera sera” in 1958. Over 60 years, many grew up with it ringing in their ears. It has stood the test of time. Today’s Radio 4 “Thought for the Day” was based on it. Complacency should not be the message we take away from the Latin phrase “What will be will be”.

Life, whether 97 years or 5 years is short. We must strive to achieve, not sit back and allow others to dictate what the outcome will be. Harry will pass away but he will leave a legacy as a Spirit Angel of awareness of cancer in children through the brave campaigning of his parents.

All of us must be as brave as we can be in this life. Who knows what we may discover up and over the hill.

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